Angie Morris Photography, LLC


Thank you for your interest in booking a session with me.  

I love creating art and would love the opportunity to create some artwork for you. There are so many amazing photography styles to choose from and it is very important to choose the photographer that best fits your style. I am definitely an artistic photographer. I do a lot of editing and I like to control every aspect of my sessions. I will try to get a feel for what appeals to a client so I can create images that my clients will love, while still maintaining my artistic style. I know some clients prefer to have more control over a session and have specific looks they are trying to achieve. I completely understand and I am more than happy to recommend local photographers who are amazing. Creating art through photography is very personal to me. I want the experience to be enjoyable for both the client and myself, so please read my terms and conditions to make sure that I am the right artist/photographer for you.

Thank you






> If you have not already done so, please review samples of my work. That is the best way to be certain that my style of photography and editing are a good fit for you. My work can be viewed on my website at and on the Angie Morris Photography Facebook Page. When you book a session with me, you are giving me Full Artistic Rights. I, as the Photographer/Artist, retain the right of discretion in selecting the images that are edited and released. You will receive the link to view a gallery of artistically chosen, professionally edited images. You will not, however, view or receive any images that are unedited or that were not chosen for your gallery. I discard all images that are not chosen.  I also retain the right to make artistic adjustments to the images, in post-processing, that best reflect the artistic nature of the photo. 


> NO REFUNDS or RE-EDITS will be given for any reason. Photo sessions can be unpredictable, and I will do everything that I can to create artwork that you will love. However, if the desired outcome of your session is jeopardized by the behaviors of the parties involved, including but not limited to; newborns, toddlers, children, teens, or seniors, I cannot be held responsible and the full session payment is still required. 


> I am an artist and love trying new creative ideas. I am happy to view examples of images that clients are drawn to, however, I WILL NOT copy other artist’s work. 


> As an artist, I am very selective of the props, settings, and artistic design used in my images. While I love seeing examples of clients preferences, I retain the right to choose the props, settings, and artistic design of every session that I shoot. If you choose to book a session with me, you are giving me full artistic license to create artwork for you that best fit my artistic style.


> I am a portrait photographer who specializes in portraits for individuals. When you book a session with me, please be aware that additional people cannot be added for any reason. Please do not ask if I can get “just one” (or more) shot(s) of mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, or anyone else with a session’s bride, newborn, maternity, child, senior, etc.

> In the event that I need to reschedule due to illness, weather, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances beyond my control, I will work with you to schedule the earliest possible date. Your retainer will be applied to the new date.

> In the interest of fairness to all clients, I am unable to offer special deals or discounts, except for those that may run occasionally as promotions. For this reason, please understand that session fees, print prices and business policies are non-negotiable.

> A few times throughout the year I will have a model call to try new creative session ideas or for advertising my photography. I appreciate the time given to these sessions by all chosen models, (family and friends, old and new). To show my appreciation for your time, you will receive up to 5 professionally edited images. I cannot guarantee the exact number or delivery time. 

> A non refundable session retainer is due in full at the time of Client booking to reserve your spot. If the session retainer is not paid at the time of booking, the chosen date/time will not be held. The retainer is non refundable, however, will be applied to the remaining session balance. The full session balance must be paid in full, at or before, the scheduled session. No exceptions.

> The turn around time for sessions to be delivered varies. Holidays, a client’s position in the editing queue, and end of the school year busy season, will impact the delivery time. Typically a session will be delivered in 4-6 weeks, however I cannot guarantee a 4-6 week delivery time.



Angie Morris Photography, LLC shall retain copyright ownership of all works

created in the course of this session, including but not limited to all images in their original and processed formats. It is understood that any duplication or alteration of original images is strictly prohibited {Copyright Law Title 17, Appendix V. Additional Provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2005, Section 102} without the written permission of Angie Morris Photography, LLC.

 Alterations include, but are not limited to, the application of filters, converting color, cropping, or any other means of changing the original artwork.

Changing photographs in anyway, is in direct violation of the copyright and therefore ILLEGAL.

Taking screen shots of images from this website is illegal.  All offenders will be prosecuted accordingly. 


The Client shall only use the photographic prints, including digital files, in accordance with the permissions within this Contract.  The Client prints are for personal use only and shall not be submitted to contests or reproduced for commercial use. The Client shall not make, or provide authorization to a third-party to make, reproductions of works resulting from this Contract without express permission of the Photographer. Additional prints and/or digital files may be purchased between third-parties and the Photographer with the permission of the Client.  Accordingly, if the Photographer provides a print release, the Client must act in accordance with the release.